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Dot com collapse brings new job seekers.

THE dramatic collapse of the dot com bubble has created a new breed of job seeker for whom unemployment no longer carries a stigma, according to a leading employment specialist.

Gareth Headley, of dextra executive search and selection, claims that for the first time in employment history, the profile of many of those being made redundant from a sector in freefall is that of a highly talented, highly motivated professional who possesses not only impressive technical skills but also sought after entrepreneurial and commercial acumen.

"Increasingly, we are finding more and more candidates approaching us who are casualties of major cost cutting and rationalisation within the new economy, " he said.

"These individuals tend to have held positions with considerable responsibility, having led large teams, worked in a fast-moving sector and been project and results driven - all strengths which can be applied across many of today's market sectors.

"In addition, their termination is not labelled as being performance related so they are changing the perception towards the stigma of unemployment, and are seen by directors of large organisations as able to add real value and a new dimension."

Headley points out the potential drawback for the job seeker of a reduced salary package, but believes that other factors, such as a more balanced work life, shorter working day and greater job security outweigh other considerations.

"Additionally, from the employer's perspective, they need to consider what the candidate will bring to the party, which in most cases is a unique and refreshing approach, gleaned from a sector which is acknowledged as being innovative in its approach to business, " he added.
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Title Annotation:Business
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Sep 12, 2001
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