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Dot Commodity and Xinhu Futures to Jointly Host Global Investment Conference on Precious Metals.

Tokyo, Aug 10, 2012 - (JCN Newswire) - Dot Commodity, Inc. (Dot), Japan's largest online commodity futures broker, is pleased to announce the joint hosting of a precious metals trading conference in Shanghai on August 25th, 2012 in cooperation with Xinhu Futures, one of the leading commodity futures brokers in China. The Shanghai Futures Exchange and the Tokyo Commodity Exchange will also support the conference as special sponsors.

Scheduled guest speakers include globally famous economists and risk hedge experts to discuss the role of precious metal investing in the current unsettled global macro-economic environment. Recently it has been reported that China is set to launch interbank gold trading, which means that precious metal markets could rapidly expand in China. From Japan, Mr. Yuichi Ikemizu, a Managing Director at Standard Bank Plc. in Tokyo, will give a presentation on arbitrage trading and hedging in precious metals and the outlook for interbank gold trading in China.

Jin Funada, President of Dot Commodity, said "It will be a key for our business to grasp the trends of precious metal markets in China. Dot will continue to emphasize our global business development efforts in cooperation with partner companies and exchanges in English-speaking and Chinese-speaking countries as well as in Japan".
Date: Saturday, August 25th, 2012
Venue: Shanghai Futures Exchanges Bldg.
 (500 Pudian Road, Shanghai, China)
Sponsor: Shanghai Futures Exchange, Tokyo Commodity Exchange

About Dot Commodity

Dot Commodity is Japan's largest and fastest growing commodity futures broker with headquarters in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. Dot offers a global reach with almost 24 hour electronic trading availability as a Clearing Member of the Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM), the Tokyo Grain Exchange (TGE) and a Trading Member of Singapore Exchange (SGX) Derivative Markets. Dot also offers commodity futures products from CME Group, ICE Europe and ICE U.S. along with OTC brokerage services and CFD (Contract for Difference) products. Dot caters to both individual and corporate clientele which currently includes proprietary trading firms, commercial oil companies, global trading houses and financial asset managers. For further information, please visit our website at: .

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Date:Aug 10, 2012
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