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Dos and Donts of going to a gym.

A gym is a communal space that is shared by people of every nature. Spending enough time at a gym will invariably result in people developing some pet peeves. In order not to offend anyone else, here's a guide to gym etiquette.

Focus on your workout - don't correct people's postures or form of exercise. If you're concerned about somebody injuring him or herself, call the trainer.

Do not stare at other people at the gym - staring in general is rude. Don't do it.

Wipe up your sweat - clean off the machines, mats and weights after you've used them.

Use deodorant - it's hard for people to work out next to someone enshrouded in body odour.

Don't occupy several machines at once. Rotating from one machine to the next can be a great to break the monotony of a workout. But, other people may want to use the same machines.

Ask if anyone is using a machine - a person might have been waiting longer for a machine that you started to use.

Return all equipment - after using the weights, it is best to return it to its proper location so it's easily available for other members.

Get a locker - it is best to confine your belongings to one area.

Don't leave your toiletries in a shower stall. Other people need to use the same stalls. Same applies to your sweaty exercise clothes.

Use headphones when listening to music. Your music might be distracting for other members. It's best to keep it to yourself.

Keep grunts to a minimum. While exercising, you may push yourself to hard, but try not to yell.

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Publication:Gulf News (United Arab Emirates)
Date:Nov 4, 2014
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