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Doors instead of windows terrace in place of lawn.

A small terrace seemed the perfect solution when Laura Haney pictured a more comfortable transition between her living room and back garden. Acting on her idea, Portland architect Rosalind Reed Dwight first replaced a dated picture window with a pair of French doors flanked by fixed glass. She then designed a rounded terrace, two steps up from the lawn, of unglazed ceramic tile thin-set over a two-tier concrete pad. At the end of the terrace, a radiating sunburst pattern fans out toward the view. Over the living room doors and windows, Dwight added a 2 1/2- by 12-foot arbor, which softens the transition between house and patio without blocking light to the living room. Tempered glass covers the steel-tube structure, offering protection for anyone enjoying the patio on drizzly days. The arbor ties into a ledger behind the siding; flashing seals the joint. Trained over the arbor, fast-growing evergreen clematis (C armandii) bears clusters of fragrant white flowers in spring and offers shade on hot summer days.
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Date:Feb 1, 1991
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