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Donors and their taxes.

Dear Editor:

I read with great interest the "A New April 15" article by Gene Steuerle in the March 1,2010 issue of The Non. Profit Times. I think the concept is quite intriguing and thought immediately about how something like this .might be implemented some time in the future with a grassroots initiative.

Then I started thinking about what might happen to a donor at the end of a calendar year if the person had the opportunity to wait until April 15 of the following year to know for sure what the tax situation would be. Would people put off making a donation? Or, would they go ahead and donate as they usually do and then augment their gifts between January 1 and April 15?

No answers, just food for thought.

Thanks for the great articles.

Marcia Martin

Director of Development

Salisbury House Foundation

Des Moines, Iowa

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Author:Martin, Marcia
Publication:The Non-profit Times
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:May 1, 2010
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