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Donna Marie Thompson, PhD CEO of Expert Profit Solutions, Was Best Speaker on Profits at New York Small Business Expo with Mary Agnes Antonopoulos of Viral Integrity.

Washington, DC, July 09, 2013 --( In a joint speech by Dr. Thompson and Ms. Antonopoulos at the Small Business Expo in New York City, the speakers linked business performance measures and social media, practices and profits, and contributions and costs.

According to Dr. Thompson: "Running a business is quite challenging with more pressures than ever before. New competitors are emerging. Big players are moving down market; small players are moving up market. And customers are more informed than ever with 24-hour access to unlimited information. Yesterday's breakthroughs rapidly become today's common practice. The net effect means that doing the same things in the same ways eventually leads to a profit squeeze. Doing more of the same is not the name of the game; it's the road to ruin."

Dr. Thompson continued: "In all of this business turbulence lies opportunity with social media and solid profit tools and measures. Some of the latest marketing, communication, and social media advances offer great value never before possible - that is, when they are carefully aligned with your business strategy. Today, tens of thousands of small business owners are operating right on the edge of profitability. The sad fact is that they believe that's the way it has to be. But there are scores of ways - both new and old - to boost profits."

Ms. Antonopoulos commented: "Winning social media strategies are those that produce measurable results. Sadly, many businesses don't have a real marketing or social media strategy. They are dabbling in Linked In, Facebook, and YouTube without a solid plan. Yet their costs in time and resources keep rising. Some are simply not equipped with the tools they need for the new competitive reality."

Dr. Thompson explained: "Awareness, action, and attention to detail is the AAA in business today. You can overcome the profit challenges in your business. You can choose to be one of the successful business owners who can master your numbers and reclaim your future. Powerful yet simple tools, custom tailored to your business are the answer. The good news is that you don't need to be a math whiz to take advantage of them. A little time, a little attention, and the prize of increased profitability is yours."

Ms. Antonopoulos commented: "By combining the best in profit boosting tools with the latest in social media strategies, you'll be in the winner's circle before long."

Dr. Donna Marie Thompson is the CEO of Expert Profit Solutions and author of the highly acclaimed book Peak Profit Potential: A 4-Step Program to Stop Your Business From Leaking Money. She was a Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers consulting and now leads profit mastermind groups and webinars.

Mary Agnes Antonopoulos is the CEO of Viral Integrity, a leading social media strategy firm with an impressive client list including Jack Canfield and JJ Virgin. She offers an exceptional course on social media for successful businesses.

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Date:Jul 9, 2013
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