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Donations of medical & nursing books and journals.

Editors note: They are in great need for nursing journal and text book in Iraq with the re-opening of their nursing school programs. Do consider sending those journals and text books you no longer need, please note the limitation of type of material mailed.

This is a generic response to the many responses to the Medscape articles entitled The Power of an Idea: Help for Iraqi Medical Professionals viewarticle/550427 and Donations of Medical and Nursing Books and Journals Arrive in Iraq http://www.medscape. com/viewarticle/557426 and More Donations of Medical and Nursing Books Arrive in Iraq http://www.medscape. com/viewarticle/567027 It is current as of 3 March 2008.

A multitude of inquiries have come to me in response to these Medscape articles seeking information about how and to whom donations should be sent. I have worked closely with contacts within the military in Iraq who have expressed willingness to receive and distribute donated publications. Remember that these officers will all be volunteering for additional and time consuming responsibilities and the distributions may be at their personal risk. They may not be able to respond individually to donors. In the event that you wish to receive verification of arrival of your donation for tax purposes, please include your e-mail address with such a specific request. Conflicting duties make a formal written response almost impossible.


We are attempting to provide medical texts and journals that meet all levels of the delivery of healthcare. This ranges from medical colleges, to hospital libraries, to clinics, and to individual physicians' offices. As a consequence, all publications from basic to subspecialty are useful. Basic science texts for medical students will also be useful. Iraqi medicine is sophisticated, but suffers the effects of years of restricted access to educational resources.

In general, publications most needed now are specialty medical, surgical, pharmacy, dental, and veterinary texts, no more than one edition out of date (nothing published before 2000, please). These date restrictions have been established by the Iraqi Ministry of Health. Basic and well-respected journals are needed such as The New England Journal of Medicine, JAMA, Annals of Internal Medicine, American Journal of Surgery, Pediatrics, American Family Physician, and similar journals in the veterinary, pharmacy, and dental fields. Ideally, journal issues should have been published within the last 3 years. Full volumes rather than random issues are best, and editions on CD or DVD are welcome. Please remove personal identification and addresses from journals. This latter request comes from Iraq. Journals are passed around and the addresses could come into the possession of terrorists.

To the many offers of NURSING publications: please carefully assess the materials you may have to donate in terms of actual relevance to Iraq. Please recall that there is a great cultural difference between our nations. Please select from your proposed donations those materials that will be useful for teaching concepts and techniques of nursing. Much of what occupies professional nursing journals, e.g., regulatory compliance, will not be of relevance. Schools of nursing are now being developed. Much of in-hospital nursing care is still provided by family members, who may also bring food for patients. Skilled nursing is an uncommon resource everywhere in Iraq. Although there is no equivalent to a nurse practitioner in Iraq patient evaluation and treatment algorhythms are useful for primary levels of treatment, so most NP publications are valuable. Nutritional publications are not likely to be useful for language and cultural reasons.

Mailing instructions: The APO (Army Post Office) address is a domestic US address and postage is billed accordingly. The military assumes costs for overseas movement. Specify book/media rate to the postal clerk for absolutely lowest postal rate. The USPS has free 81/2 X 11 X 81/2 boxes that are sent flat rate of $8.00 and are excellent for journals and books. Larger donations are better sent in 1.5 cubic foot boxes available from shipping companies.

Please use the address for

MAJ(P) Cory Costello

HHC,1st BCT, 101st Airborne Division

COB Speicher, Iraq

APO AE 09393

Thank you, David Gifford, MD, FACP, COL-Ret, USA
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