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Donald-Oregon Nontest.

CONTESTS CAN BE A DRAG SOMETIMES. Controlling skateboarders and making them wait to perform on cue just doesn't always work out. There are a select group that can deal with the pressure and in return they get a reward in the form of a trophy, cash, and sometimes even a car. Well, no one from that select group of skaters were present in Donald, Oregon on September 22nd. Most likely because the contest was promoted like a punk rock show--word of mouth and some flyers scattered about Portland.

The promise was $250 cash for first place and no entry fee required. Seems the city wanted to give back even more as a result of the popularity of their new skatepark. The parks director of Donald announced at noon that there would be a two-hour jam, followed by the skaters voting who was the first, second, and third place winners. This took the edge off for all of the participants. No more performing on cue, just a two-hour rip ride. With the calibre of skaters on hand, this would be no problem.

Red was charging the bowl, doing the unusual as thinkable--or is it the unthinkable as usual? Inverts on the hip. Pulling speed out of nowhere and grinding many blocks of pool coping. Hubbard showed up a little later and let loose with flowing lines and nice stand-up grinds in the deep. The Butcher and Matt Dyke were instigating mandatory roll-ins, resulting in many close calls and one full contact between the Butcher and a dropping-in Dober. Benji Galloway came all the way from South Carolina and demonstrated how the trogs skate, performing back-to-back tricks that you would typically see on a mini, not in a pool. Blunt followed by a noseblunt on the next wall, backside lipslides with ease, frontside inverts, Miller flips and lien airs. Albeit fully padded.

Sam Ritz, Al Partanen, and Jessica Swim arrived with only a half hour left in the jam, prompting some drunken idiot to go into broken record mode: "But wait these guys just arrived, but wait these guys just arrived, but wait these guys just arrived. Let them skate 'til three."

When dust had settled and the voting began, the crowd's response was "Red-Red-Red!" Red wouldn't have it, and the crowd had to revote. Benji was given $250 in gold coins, pocketed it, and left. Fat Chris was given $125 in coins, which was put towards the next beer run. The Butcher made everyone a winner when he threw his coins back into the pool. Best local Colin got a complete, and Sam Ritz was awarded a 12-pack for longest grind. See you next year?
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Date:Feb 1, 2002
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