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Donald Earl Brody.

Donald Earl Brody, a retired member of the FSCT and long-time member of the New York Society for Coatings Technology, passed away on December 11, 2007.

Mr. Brody was a coatings industry consultant and taught at Fairleigh Dickinson University, where he developed a paint and coatings course that is still being taught. He graduated from City College of New York (CCNY) with a Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering, received a Master's in Chemical Engineering from NYU, and completed Ph.D work at Brooklyn College. He wrote and presented numerous papers on coatings topics and held a number of patents. At the time of his death, he was working on a white coating for hangars for the protection of clothing, as well as a water-soluble nail polish.

An active member of the NYSCT, Mr. Brody was president of the Society in 1981-82. He received a Certificate of Appreciation in 1993 from the Society, the coveted PaVac Award in 1994, and the Presidential Service Award in 1995.

He was also an active participant in his community. He was a member of the committee that developed the curriculum for the first high school in Cedar Grove, NJ, the town in which he lived for 41 years.

The NYSCT Board of Directors made a donation of $1,000 to the CIEF Honor and Remembrance Fund in memory of Mr. Brody.
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