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Don Quixote pangrams.

When listeners to Will Shortz's "Weekend Edition Sunday" program on National Public Radio in September 2002 were asked to construct pangrams with the name of a famous person, they found Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, jointly containing three of the four rarest letters (all but J) irresistible. Here is a collection of their efforts:

With strong voice, but weak of mind, poor Don Quixote zealously jousted windmills Don Quixote views the black windmill, hugs his faithful Rozinante, and jumps into the flay Sancho Panza backed away from Don Quixote's vile jousting Sancho Panza saw Don Quixote, in his jerkin, fight a very big windmill Don Quixote and Sancho Panza come seeking justice for all, by righting every wrong Wacky Quixote jousted, Panza humbly forgave Don Quixote, with his man Sancho Panza, undertook a brave and grand journey of zealous vision Peeved but hefty zebras meekly joined Quixote's windmill charge Cervantes' Quixote jabs at windmills; Panza says "frankly, enough." Before Cervantes penned Quixote, lazily turning windmills were just machines at work Don Quixote was no peaceable Zen master, just a very likable fighter Just at work amazing Quixote finds adventure, beauty, truth, romance, pure love Windmill-jousting Don Quixote, with a sidekick named Sancho Panza, held very idealistic beliefs Cervantes' Quixote and Panza fought away jabs like mad Quixote's crazed windmill jousting drove many peaceable folk to laughter Poor Quixote's craze for knighthood drove him to boldly joust at windmills Pedro's book jacket says that Miguel de Cervantes got razzed for waxing quixotic Miguel de Cervantes' brazen Don Quixote is the kingly jewel of Spanish letters Miguel de Cervantes wrote of the bold knightly jousting of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza Puzzled by Dulcinea's kiss, Quixote mounted again, veered left, and jousted the windmill Don Quixote rejoiced his life on cloud 99 and came down very little to face this frenzied world with big hopes and kind words Some thought Don Quixote just to be very crazy when he kept fighting windmills Hopeful Cervantes, dozing by windmill, joked "I'm Quixote" The gifted but quixotic Miguel de Cervantes jerked awake yelling "Panza!" Panza jokes before Quixote charges every windmill Don Quixote jumped his donkey over Dulcinea's fabulous azure gown Spanish women backflip when the veracity of Don Quixote's ghost is jeopardized Miguel Cervantes' fey book joins Don Quixote with Sancho Panza Miguel Cervantes' fey book Don Quixote wins Joseph Pulitzer prize The crazy knight Don Quixote bravely jousted windmills for the pure Dulcinea Quixote's joust with windmill giants gave Panza playback flight In Cervantes' Quixote, Sancho Panza jumped on a burro to follow the knightly Don The brave Don Quixote knew Sancho Panza wouldn't like jousting with fantasy windmills Panza observed Quixote fiercely jousting windmill knights Don Quixote and Sancho Panza voyage to joust windmills before breakfast Brave Don Quixote, knight of La Mancha, journeyed out in quest of dragons while plucky Sancho Panza brazenly marveled "What high jinx!"

Gooch, Rex

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Author:Gooch, Rex
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Date:Feb 1, 2005
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