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Don't let your dog's eye weep go untreated; PetsCorner PDSA VET IAN FLEMING ANSWERS YOUR QUESTIONS.

Q My dog's eye weeps and he occasionally squints. What should I do? Russell dog may have conjunctivitis or keratitis.

AYour The signs of conjunctivitis are redness of the conjunctiva, (membrane that covers the white part of the eye and lines the inside of the eyelids). It can be caused by infections, foreign bodies in the eye, in-and out-turning of the eyelids and the eyeball becoming inflamed.

Keratitis is inflammation of the cornea, (membrane that covers the front of the eye - the pupil and coloured iris around it). It can become cloudy if damaged or infected and the cornea can become ulcerated which can result in the eye bursting open.

An eye infection, left untreated, can lead to severe problems so it's important to get your dog checked out by a vet.

Q My rat makes a wheezing noise when he breathes. Can you give me any advice? Bal A Problems with the respiratory system are one of the most common diseases in rats. They are exposed to numerous bacteria and viruses and when they are stressed through things like overcrowding, poor nutrition or another infection, they can develop respiratory diseases. Soiled bedding can also act as a trigger.

Symptoms of respiratory tract infections include staining of the eyes and nose with red stained tears, triggered by stressful situations, rubbing the face and sneezing.

Make an appointment for your rat to see your vet as soon as possible and in the meantime, keep him away from other pets in a warm, clean cage. If your rat is rubbing its face, use shredded white paper as bedding to avoid irritation.

my cat snore because it is overweight? James QDoes AI would get your cat checked over by the vet, as they will be able to discuss her weight and snoring with you. If your cat is above her ideal weight your vet will give you advice on how to tackle this. Obesity in pets can lead to all types of health problems such as difficulty in exercising and heart problems. There are also other rare causes why a cat could appear to be overweight.

Snoring can be caused by being overweight so putting her on a diet may help.

Email your questions to Ian Fleming *at The PDSA has two hospitals locally: Aston PetAid Hospital, 1 Dulverton *Road, Witton, Birmingham, B6 7EQ.

Birmingham Quinton PetAid *Hospital, 456/458 Hagley Road West, Oldbury, Birmingham, B68 0DL.

For information about PDSA PetAid services call 0800 731 2502. To donate or fundraise, visit
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Date:Sep 22, 2009
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