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Don'ttolerate poor care of elderly; DAILYPOST OURVIEW.

ABASIC right we all expect is to be treated with dignity and respect when we reach a certain age.

But that's not happening in our hospitals - where we perhaps need it most - according to the Older People's Commissioner for Wales Sarah Rochira in a shocking new report released today.

The report draws direct comparisons between staffing levels and the quality of care we receive.

That particular bit of information won't be a shock to anyone.

We all know our NHS is subject to swingeing cuts, with Betsi Cadwaladr forced to make savings across the board.

What we don't want is for older people to read these headlines and be fearful of entering hospital.

Despite this there are still so many committed staff trying their utmost to make sure everyone's stay in hospital is as pain free as possible.

Many times we receive letters from older patients thanking hospital staff for excellent service when they have been admitted.

But we also include our fair share of stories about care not being up to standard.

Such surveys like the one the Older People's Commissioner has carried out are extremely important, even if they don't make great reading for the authorities.

But they cover all of Wales. Soon the Daily Post is to launch it's own on-line health survey aiming to gauge your experiences - good and bad - from GPs all the way up to surgery in North Wales.

Watch this space and help us map the true state of our health care.

As Ms Rochira states: "we cannot tolerate poor care".

It's our duty to report it, please help us do just that.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
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Date:Sep 23, 2013
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