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Don't wear pyjamas on the school run... and other big playground no-nos; WEBCHAT.

Women still support wearing PJ's on school run. If my wife had done this I think we would have divorced by now. Take some pride in yourself.

Haydn Williams Judgemental nonsense! Don't wear high heels to do the school run? I'm on my way to work, am I expected to change my shoes or entire outfit just to appease the teachers, other parents or the children? Steffani Hosker You should be getting up washed and dressed even if you don't have a job it's setting a good example for your children. All that it says to me if I see someone in their pyjamas is they've got no intention of doing anything apart from going back to bed.Bazza Preston So when did the school run start, I can remember taking the mickey out of the only kid in the school that didn't walk to school by himself.

David Pugh Why don't we stop people bashing. At least they're making sure their kids are in school getting an education. Does it really matter how one dresses? Who knows what's going on in their lives? Angela Smith I think people ought to keep their nose out as long as the kids get to school.

David Papa Roche When I was in school the head teachers and staff would focus on how the pupils, not parents, turned up to school. I find it power hungry and judgemental that the staff think they have a right to comment on another adults choice of clothes. I think it's time they realised their job is to educate children of school age not cast judgements on people in their own social peer group.

Carly Baldwin Pyjamas should stay firmly where they belong. In the bedroom! There is no excuse for sloppy dressing, get up 10 minutes earlier and put on some day wear, comfortable if preferable. If nothing else, it makes you feel better about yourself and sets a good example to yoir children, and others.

Anita Pugh What absolute nonsense, pyjamas fair enough the rest is rubbish. Has anyone checked out how some teachers dress nowadays.

Roger Seaborne My son is four and would disown me if I wore pjs to school, the rest though is rubbish, people just need to butt out and let people wear what they want.

Beth Tiencken I think its all just petty. Why can't the parent go back to bed if they got a day off? Kids in school, silence for hours, you dont know when they work. I sleep all day quite often through the week, now you are judging me, you think I dont work and lazy? Did you know I do night shifts? Has your judgement changed? Don't be so quick to judge others.

Tasha Louise Tidley I am up washed and dressed every morning. Could never leave the house in pjs but that's just me. If people want to look foolish in pj's that's there choice. Least children are in school. It seems to be the norm pj's for school runs shopping ect. Eew did they wear it all week do they bath omg I hope so or be smelly.

Rose Piana Each to their own, but I think if we are to teach our children to get up, wash and dress each morning, we should probably be doing the same too. Lead by example and all that.

Rosi Jones Im surprised they dont bring school to the lazy pampered kids of today, poor things have to get out of bed.

Marc Webb My friend stopped wearing pjs after heading for the school run the other day and getting into an accident.

Nikki Rose I agree with the no pjs on school run but the others are just stupid.

Sian Louise Ferrie Perhaps we should be more concerned about poor standards of education and the incompetence of the Labour Education Minister.

Councillor Chris Franks When this 1st came into the news I asked my kids what they thought. They all told me they would be mortified. Anne Kearns
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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Feb 2, 2016
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