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Don't waste your tears on ex-squaddie in Thai jail.

I HAVE tried to dredge some degree of sympathy from the pit of my soul for Lance Whitmore, the former Bromsgrove squaddie sentenced to 50 years in a Thailand prison for selling drugs, but I cannot.

If the Thai authorities have their way, Whitmore will be 77 when he's released from a filthy, cramped jail.

I hope he serves every painful day, free from our Government's bleating for clemency.

I have watched his mother Debbie, a fine, caring parent, weep on television for her son, and I feel for her.

But Whitmore is one in a long line of Brits who travel to the other side of the world, cock a snoop at their laws, then scream injustice when collared.

If you want to care about unfortunates, care for kids struck down by cancer; care for the innocent victims of crime.

But do not care, or donate cash, for Lance Whitmore, a man who knew exactly what he was doing and the consequences of what he was doing, when his collar was felt by undercover police in Pattaya.

Politicians who demand compassion for Whitmore and other ne'er-do-wells banged up abroad should bear one thing in mind: plenty of their constituents agree with the punishment doled out - and long to see similar sentences and prison conditions in our own country.


Lance Whitmore

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Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Aug 2, 2015
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