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Don't shoot the hens.

I WAS DISGUSTED by the article "Dad's First Layout Hunt" in the June-July issue. After reading this article and seeing the photographs, especially on Page 70, it should be titled, "Dad's Last Hunt Ever and Whoever is With Him."

You have to be kidding me. Is this duck season or killing season? I thought this is not what we wanted in a waterfowler. I thought waterfowlers of today were conservationists of the future. Absolutely no conservation practices or efforts were followed here. I see 12 dead ducks in the picture. Ten are buffleheads, one is a ringneck and one is a bluebill. Only two are drakes. It is easy math--eight hen buffleheads, one hen bluebill and one hen ringneck. I know one is a prized, first-ever bluebill that will make beautiful trophy mount. This disgusts me and turns my stomach. It is nothing more than a group of people going out and killing anything that comes near them. What ever happened to passing on hens? I know it is hard to see the difference between hen and drakes in buffleheads, but that bright white head of a drake seems to give it away.

Don't even try and tell me they are eating them. The last time I checked, buffleheads are barely palatable. Buffleheads are no delicacy and have no special taste. The last I checked, ground meat is not that expensive. These birds were harvested for their trophy capability to make that great mount for good old dad. Please don't take out anybody else's father. I'd rather see them save the hens.

This article disgusted me. Is this all you have to print? I know it is the off-season, but other idiots see this article, and they will also go on a "hen hunt" and think it is OK to kill hens by the dozen.

I have been hunting waterfowl and have been an extreme waterfowler for the past 40 years. I am the founder and president of a waterfowl club in New Jersey. We impose fines for shooting hens and suggest that hunters pass on hens. The fine is $5 a hen.

If you can't tell hens from drakes, you should not be hunting. There is no reason to shoot hens unless your family is starving to death.

How about next month doing an article about buffleheads and how their numbers are down, and what the problem is? I could go on forever, but I have to go and vomit after reading this article.

Capt. Dave Woodland

President, Canvasback Cove

Gun Club, Pilesgrove, N.J.

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Title Annotation:LETTERS
Author:Woodland, Dave
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Sep 1, 2010
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