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Don't set off squibs.

Mechanics, don't be in a hurry when removing and replacing your engine firebottle squibs or engine fire extinguisher bottles in your Chinook.

The fire extinguisher bottles in your bird put out fires in the No. 1 and No. 2 engines. Sometimes they are removed because of the usage date expiration or a problem found during an inspection.

An accidental discharge could cover you or your engines with foam or cause severe injury to you. That's a lot for simply rushing the job.

First things first--be safe and follow what the TM says, including always inspecting the fire extinguisher like it says in TM 1-1520-240-23&P. Don't take shortcuts! That could hurt you.

Always remember that there are two different types of fire extinguisher bottles that may be installed in your bird.


When you shunt the circuit of the fire extinguisher system cartridges to remove residual stray voltage and power, make sure you install the shunt like it says in TM 1-1520-240-23&P.

One mishap or one wrong move and you could discharge the system or injure yourself. The bottles contain a 3-lb charge of non-toxic extinguishing agent.

When unserviceable bottles are removed from the bird, they can become dangerous missiles because they are still live. And if not handled carefully like it says in the TM warnings, you can set them off. Order extinguisher bottles through normal supply channels with NSN 1377-01-185-2622 or NSN 1377-00-172-0428.
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