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Don't screw up lens carrier.

NBC NCOs try to install the carrier without first loosening the set screws so they don't stick out. Then when the carrier is slid into place, the screws cut a divot in the black plastic mount and eventually the mount breaks.

To install the lens carrier. first loosen the set screws until they're flush with the carrier mount block. Align the mount block with the groove or the mount frame and slide the carrier into place.

Alter adjusting the carrier tip or down to the proper position. told the lens carrier to one side and tighten the set screw just until it makes contact with the mount frame. Don't tighten the screw any more or the lens carrier could pop out during use. Fold the lens carrier to the other side and tighten the other set screw. You're done.
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Title Annotation:M40/M42-Series Masks ...
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Date:May 1, 2004
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