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Don't run scared.

Byline: Carol McGiffin

THE Boston Marathon bombing was clearly the work of sick and dangerously evil minds.

To deliberately murder innocent people at a charity-raising family event is beyond anyone's comprehension.

So I sincerely hope that the alleged suspects are the guilty parties - especially as one of them is already dead.

I'm pretty sure the police have got it right. But am I alone in feeling uneasy about how the pair have already been tried and convicted by the media and the public even though they are still officially only suspects? Whatever evidence the police had, shouldn't it have been kept for a trial rather than been handed over to the media? Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? I thought it still applied in the US - or maybe just not to terrorists.

I also sincerely hope that the remaining suspect survives his injuries because, most importantly, we need to know what the motive for the attack was, as no one has claimed responsibility.

I cannot understand the point of a terrorist attack where there doesn't appear to be a reason or a cause.

When the IRA were terrorising Britain they boasted of their "achievements" instantly, so at least you knew where you were with them.

Here, once again, we appear to have an unseen enemy. This is far more frightening as it means this type of mindless and, so far, motiveless terror could just as easily happen elsewhere.

Were these brothers part of a group? If so, it needs to be hunted down and stopped. But what are the chances of that taking place? I'd guess they're pretty slim so, once again, we are living in a culture of fear. The capture of the suspects played out like a Hollywood film, with every move documented on TV for the world to see.

Was this entirely necessary? The Americans like to be seen to be taking care of business in the mistaken belief that it makes everyone feel safer. I'd say the opposite is true.

We must be aware of constant danger around us and resume our vigilance. That may have waned in recent years due to the absence of any attacks.

The authorities are often powerless to stop such atrocities but we must not let them scare us half to death in an effort to try to prove they are not.

As Maggie Thatcher said after nearly being killed in the 1984 Brighton bombing: "It must be business as usual" as if it isn't, then the known or the unknown enemy has won.

This is why I'm praying that by the time you read this, the London Marathon will be passing without incident and that everyone who runs or turns up to support the runners, remains safe and sound.


BOMB: Tamerlan & Dzhokar Tsarnaev
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Title Annotation:Features; Opinion, Column
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Apr 21, 2013
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