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Don't raid us all for spare parts.

NOT keen on the idea of being presumed agreeable to donor register unless one has a signed opt-out.

We appear close to accepting a kind of "human scrap yard" where dead folks can be raided for parts.

I wonder also whether medical folks, desperate for spare parts might not look too hard for a dead person's "optout". How is this proposed to work? Maybe we need to go for medical tattoos for and against and also a warning tattoo if one has Aids / HIV so hospital staff have prior warning.

One wonders why, in his supposed infinite wisdom the Almighty allowed illness in humans, when he could have suitably designed in built immunity.

Did he ever intend humans to play God, given rejection problems? In addition, I understood females were "x" and males "x/y" chromosome, so is there a problem with spare parts fusing together properly should m and f parts be mixed? G B BUTLER, Stockton

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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Nov 19, 2015
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