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Don't put at risk Britain's bright future outside EU.

THERESA May wants an election in June. So we're going back to the polls once more.

In true EU style, the rejection of the EU in the referendum wasn't clear enough. Please vote again The predicted bigger Conservative majority means a more likely Brexit, not less. But this can be construed as a ruse.

Our PM is positioning herself for a compromise with the EU and we could end up with some weird hybrid partnership worse than being inside the EU.

It puts at risk the bright future Britain could have outside the EU. Sir Mike Rake, a former CBI president, said: "If the election empowers the Prime Minister to negotiate a pragmatic Brexit it will be worthwhile." Pragmatic? Isn't the lack of pragmatism why we're leaving the EU in the first place? How watered down does our split from the EU have to become before it's not really a split? Once people see the deal Mrs May made with the EU, they won't vote for her in the 2020 GE.

Brexit is being betrayed. Mrs May claims the election is to secure a more stable Brexit mandate in Parliament. That's a half-truth. She needs a strong mandate because the Brexit she'll deliver won't stand up to an election. And that's why calling the election has to happen now. The election in June isn't really about the election in June. It's really about the timing of the election after.

Think about what would happen if Mrs May didn't call an election before the Brexit negotiations begin. We'd have an election during the Brexit negotiations or once they're concluded.

That would effectively be a second referendum on Brexit. This time a far more informed one. We'd be voting between two specified alternatives. The first would be the Brexit deal, now laid bare. The second alternative would be to scuttle Brexit because it's a bad deal.

The third alternative would be a vote for a hard Brexit which rejects Mrs May's deal with the EU. But only Ukip would position itself for that. This scenario must be avoided by the British political establishment, hence the need for the election as soon as possible, rather than 2020.

Mr Corcoran

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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Apr 27, 2017
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