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Don't merge our nursery, please! Parents and pupils hand 900-name petition.

Byline: Moira Sharkey Education Correspondent

AROUND 900 supporters of a closure-threatened nursery have voiced their opposition to Cardiff council's school reorganisation plan.

Parents, pupils and supporters of Caerau Nursery in Cardiff marched on County Hall this week to hand over a petition signed by more than 900 people calling for the school to be saved.

Caerau Nursery in Cardiff would be amalgamated with Caerau Infant School and Cwrt-Yr-Ala Junior School if the proposed education shake-up is given the go-ahead.

The local community is opposed to the merger and parents argue the nursery provides a unique high-class education for youngsters and should remain a separate school. They also fear that the new primary school which would be created by the merger would offer fewer places than available in all three schools currently.

The council is planning to open a new Welsh medium school on the site of Cwrt Yr Ala Junior School and an English primary on the sites of the infant and nursery school on Caerau Lane.

Around 36 pupils, 15 parents and staff marched on the council offices as the public consultation on this phase of the school reorganisation plan came to an end this week. This phase aims to reorganise primary schools to balance the problem of falling rolls in some schools and record demand for Welsh medium education.

The petition said the community was "shocked and disappointed" that the school, which has provided a "high-quality education for 34 years", is facing amalgamation. It called for the nursery to be allowed to remain a separate school for the people of Caerau.

Headteacher of the nursery Joanna Lee said: "We linked the walk to County Hall in to our sponsored walk which was organised as part of a healthy living initiative. Around 15 parents came along to join 36 children and some of their siblings. It was an opportunity for parents to have a say and to hand over the petition which has been signed by around 900 parents, past pupils and grandparents and supporters of the school."


PROTEST Joanna Lee, headteacher of Caerau Nursery, Cardiff, hands over a petition to council planning officer Charles Huskings.
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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Mar 21, 2008
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