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Don't load it.

Let me tell you guys about a really scary experience I've had. I am a recent gunshot survivor. I went to my cousin's house to test fire a rifle he wanted to sell, a Savage 7mm Magnum bolt action. Neither of us knew the safety was broken. He loaded the rifle and leaned it against the railing on his porch and it fell over. The rifle discharged and the round struck me in my left chest effectively removing 2/3 of my pectoral muscle and a large amount of skin. Now I'm not angry with him, nor am I gun shy now. I just wanted everyone to know overlooking small things when taking care of your guns is dangerous. Don't take for granted everything is working properly. Take a few extra seconds to look it over and don't load it and set it down.

Robert Edwards Jr. via e-mail
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Author:Edwards, Robert, Jr.
Publication:Guns Magazine
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Feb 1, 2007
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