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Don't listen to all the doom-mongers.

NOT since the turn of the century have I come across as many scare stories in the media - back then, horror upon horror, computer systems were going to collapse due to the Millennium Bug, with the consequence of aircraft falling out of the skies and banking systems facing meltdown.

It is fascinating how history repeats itself, as again we are now faced with another horror and the end of civilisation as we know it - pulling out of the EU, we are told, will prove an unmitigated disaster for all of us. Only recently we have been informed by none other than Dame Carolyn McCall of EASYJET, that air fares will go through the roof if we withdraw from the EU, with only the elite being able to afford to fly.

Well really! Can you imagine Portugal, Spain and especially Greece discouraging tourists when they are desperate for every "groat" they can scrape together. As Caesar might have said to EASYJET: "Et tu, Carolyn!" Dave Haskell Cardigan | Letter of the Week winner is Pauline Grainger, of Llandaff, who wrote about her fears of overdevelopment on Cardiff's fringes. Her letter appeared in yesterday's Echo.

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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Feb 20, 2016
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