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Don't limit yourself to what [...].

Don't limit yourself to what you already do.

If something doesn't feel right, then wait until you get more information. Your social life may be going through a quiet patch. It may be that you prefer to spend some time doing your own thing. Don't make it too long - your friends are waiting! Call me for more... Although you love to take risks and enjoy leaping into the unknown, today you can be a lot more cautious, and determined to find out every last detail before you commit yourself to anything or anyone. Today may be your chance to go out on a limb. Call me for more... You can make a lot of progress on major plans and projects at this time. You think success and expect it to happen. Life at home with the family can also seem positive for entertaining - especially if you're keen to relax. Call now for more news and advice... You are going to be a lot fussier about the way you spend your leisure time. Today you get a chance to forge a stronger bond with someone. Whatever it is that you want to do together, keep your vision firmly in mind, and be persistent. Call me for more advice... If you have been feeling frustrated at all the delays and the slow pace of events, things will now look up. There is still time to get organised for all the festive fun to come. Now you can see results after all your efforts. Call your special prediction line for more... The more you can change inhibiting mental patterns, the easier it will be to attain your goals. If you are offered a new deal, you may just seize it, not wanting to look a proverbial gift horse in the mouth. Call now for more... You can feel more articulate as Mercury turns direct. You can also seek something fresh. You need a new experience to inspire you, especially if it gives you a break from the same old routine you are normally involved with. Journeying can be fun. Call for more... A social occasion may bring you more than you bargained for - but you are unlikely to complain. You seem to have other things on your mind, such as all the exciting new plans that you can't wait to get started on. Call me now for more news and astral advice... Light hearted affairs will be easier to deal with than permanent relationships. You need fun and laughter, and plenty of it. Finding ways to lighten your days may become a big driver, so be careful this doesn't compromise your responsibilities. Call me for more... Your mind is sharp and incisive, helping you to make decisions that can bring success. You don't intend to let anyone get away with anything. Networking is serious business and will bring you more interaction than you've had in some time. Call for more news... You are more intuitive today and if you have a first date - be prepared for a lightening romance and it could be quite delicious. But you are capable of snapping into a much more businesslike mood too. Yet don't be too hasty Archer. Call me for your love scope...

You stand to make significant progress this week, and as you realize how much you can gain from learning new skills, you'll want to take action. You'll feel attracted to the idea of absorbing new knowledge, especially on any subject that's in demand. Call for more...
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Dec 14, 2011
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