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Don't let your pooch suffer.

A dog-sitting service is backing advice for owners whose pooches suffer from hay fever.

Barking Mad, which operates across Renfrewshire, is advising people to take a closer look at the commonly asked question of whether dogs can really get hay fever and how to help them, if they appear to be suffering.

A spokesman for the Blue Cross, an animal charity specialising in veterinary care, said: "Dogs can suffer from hay fever, just like humans.

"Whereas humans get itchy eyes, runny noses and sneezes, hay fever symptoms tend to show up in a dog's skin, making them super itchy.

"Although there is no cure, you can manage your dog's pollen allergy with topical treatment and medications from your vet."

Hay fever is an allergic reaction caused by the body's response to grass, tree or plant pollen in the air. It is common in the spring and summer and is a type of 'atopy' which is due to allergens, such as pollen, penetrating the skin.

Unlike with human hay fever, the main symptom of hay fever in dogs is all-over skin irritation.

A dog's body will release histamines in response to an allergen such as pollen. These histamines are released into the skin, causing irritation and itchiness.

It is not just inhaled pollen that can trigger hay fever in dogs. The histamine response can also be induced by skin contact with pollen, for example when running through a grassy meadow.

To protect their dogs, owners can monitor pollen forecasts daily and keep their dog indoors whenever possible when the count is high.

The first course of action should always to contact your local vet for advice.

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Publication:Paisley Daily Express (Paisley, Scotland)
Date:Aug 2, 2019
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