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Don't let this be last of the post.

Byline: Joe Riley

IT may be the last day for second class Christmas post.

But all that matters is salvaging what's left of a 36p-a-letter first class service, given the reduced single daily delivery.

Dutch firm TNT's likely 25% stake in Royal Mail, seen by Prince of Darkness Mandy Mandelson as the only salvation, may not be all bad news.

Despite the now certain closure of Copperas Hill, or whether future sorting is done by man or machine, the case for a Liverpool Royal Mail base should be revived.

If the present operation moves to Warrington, Liverpool will be the only major city without a sorting office.

Imagine the folly of all Liverpool's mail being carted off to Warrington - and then brought all the way back again for delivery.

The city council, plus costly quangos Liverpool Vision and Northwest Development Agency support a city base for Royal Mail. So just get on with it.

Meanwhile, the number of letters sent daily has fallen by five million in 12 months and profits are down a third - both linked to seismic change-overs to e-mail and texting.

For any hope of maintaining a one-price postal service to all UK destinations, things will have to get real, even if that means part privatisation.

There is no room for 17th century sentiment about it being the oldest publicly-owned postal service in the world.

Nor is there time to spare, as taxpayers are lined up to fill the pounds 7bn (and deepening) hole in the posties' pension fund.

But inevitable change should start at the top. Royal Mail boss Adam Crozier's salary and bonuses rose by a wholly unacceptable 27% last year.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Dec 18, 2008
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