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Don't let the blue fool you.

Generations of families that recognize Windex glass cleaner for its distinctive blue color may be surprised to learn that the product is actually green. That's because SC Johnson has used its patented Greenlist process to continuously improve the ingredients used in Windex glass cleaner-and other SC Johnson products--to improve their environmental profiles.

Beginning in January, the Greenlist logo first appeared on the packaging of Windex glass cleaner. The logo will help families quickly identify that SC Johnson products are made with a commitment to a more positive health and environmental profile, while providing trusted performance and value.

Since devising the Greenlist process in 2001, the company's reformulations have removed more than 61 million pounds of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the environmental footprint of the company's products across the board--the equivalent produced by approximately 656,000 cars in a year.

Some examples of how the Greenlist process has removed VOCs include:

* SC Johnson cutting 1.8 million pounds of VOCs from Windex glass cleaner alone, while-giving it 30 percent more cleaning power.

* The company reformulating Pledge Multi-Surface cleaner globally to increase biodegradability and reduce VOCs, while at the same time increasing cleaning power by 30 percent.

* fantastik Orange Action offers an effective grease cutting formula that is solvent free with no VOCs.


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Title Annotation:GOING GREEN
Publication:Laboratory Equipment
Date:Feb 1, 2008
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