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Don't let our pupils down; Yousay IN YOUR OPINION...

I WOULD likek to applaud all members r of Cardiffr Council's ' Childrenr and Young People Scrutinyn Committee.

Thish week theye managed to save a the Labour administrationr running the council fromr making a huge mistakek on Welsh-medium education.

We were onlyl weeks awaya from r seeing plans scrapped r for a new e Welsh-medium primaryr schoolc in Grangetor wn;o a plan that has been initiallyl approver d by the Welsh Goveo rnment, with funding secured r and the council freelr yl admitting theye havea identified a site where r the schoolc could be built.

Thish schoolc is desperatelr yl needed. If you livei in Grangetor wn or Butetowno and want to choose a Welsh-medium primaryr schoolc therer arer no options at the moment. Thish iswhyh the schoolc was initiallyl approver dbymy prevr iousv administrationr and the Welsh Goveo rnment in 2011.

In 2013 we simplyl should not be in a situation wherer childrh enr fromr Butetowno and Grangetor wno havea to traver l to Leckwithc togetan education in Welsh while others r must traver l all the waya to the Vale. a They deserver so much better. r What was morer worryingr was the process.r It was botchedc fromr the start, with figuresr used that were prover n to be wrong.r Itis unacceptablea that the scrutiny n Committee.'s' meeting about the schoolc had to be adjourned for 30 minutesn because the PS130,000-a-year y director r of education had not read key e documents.

Morer throughr luck c than judgement, it looks likek the Grangetor wno schoolc will be built. But this should neve e rhavea happened.

We livei inthe capital city of Wales and evervyr effortf should be made to ensurer that parentsr wantinga their childrh enr to be educated in Welsh havea the option to do so, within their communities. m Anything n less is letting them down. o I nowo sincerelryl hope the Laboura administrationr begins to takek Welsh-medium education morer seriously.l Building this schoolc isa step inthe right directionr but in 2015 we arer projected r to run out of places. We must havea a firm commitment fromr them so that childrh enr get the education theye deserver inthe language that theye choose.

| Councillor Neil McEvoy Leader Plaid Cardiff Group
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Sep 9, 2013
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