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Don't ignore DS2.

DS2 is powerful stuff. It has to be to neutralize powerful chemical agents. Because it's powerful, you can't ignore it. If it makes a mess, then you can be in a mess with the environmental and safety folks.

* Never store DS2 with STB, HTH, acids or oxidizers unless you can separate them by at least 5 feet and put a splash-proof barrier between them. Otherwise, you risk a fire.

* Check for leaks weekly. DS2 is very corrosive. If you catch leaks early, you save yourself lots of cleanup work. Store DS2 on pallets. That makes it easier to spot leaks and keeps the bottom of the containers drier and less vulnerable to corrosion.

* Report leakers to your local environmental control office. Never touch a leaking container or wet spot without protective equipment. Wear a protective mask, long rubber gloves, and a full-length rubber apron. If you accidentally get DS2 on your skin, blot it off and rinse with lots of water until the soapy feeling is zone. Then seek medical help.

Your installation spill response team should neutralize any puddles of DS2 with sodium bisulfate, NSN 6810-00-270-9984, and soak it up with vermiculite insulation. Put the vermiculite in a drum and write


on the outside. Seal the drum and put it in a cool dry place until your local environmental people can pick it up.

Leaking containers must be packed in drums with several inches of vermiculite all around the leaker to soak up the DS2. Your environmental people can held with this.

Remember, as long as DS2 containers remain sealed, DS2 is good for years. Once air hits it, though, it's good for only 48 hours. But even after it has lost its deconning power, it can still burn you or make you sick. So be careful!

For more information on DS2, see TB 43-0199, which covers DS2 A to Z. It's part of EM 0157, the CD-ROM that contains the TMs for decon equipment.
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Date:Oct 1, 2003
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