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Don't have a cowabunga, man!

DON'T HAVE A COWABUNGA, MAN ! If you thought packing fruit in the center of shredded wheat bits or coating corn flakes with yummy sugar was the ultimate in taste-tempting breakfast fare, you ain't seen nothing yet! Dimensional Foods Corp. of Boston has now developed a technique for stamping photosensitive molds on breakfast cereal so that you and your little ones can thrill at the sight of your favorite cartoon characters staring at you from the bottom of your cereal bowls in much the same manner as the holographic birds ones sees on credit cards.

Even if you have no desire to see Bart Simpson or The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in full color on your bran flakes, you can bet your kids will. And you can also bet that they'll hound you until you do finally spend your hard-earned cash on yet another marketing technique designed to sucker kids into something they don't need-breakfast cereals and other high-carbohydrate "foods" of dubious nutritional value. Caveat emptor
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Title Annotation:Dimensional Food Products Corp. puts photosensitive mold on breakfast cereal to produce holographic-like cartoon characters
Publication:Medical Update
Date:Jul 1, 1990
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