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Don't give burglars a happy Christmas; Help beat sneak in thieves HUDDERSFIELD DISTRICT.

Byline: By Nick Lavigueur

BURGLARY is on the increase in your area.

That is the seasonal warning from the Huddersfield district's Neighbourhood Watch Liaison team.

One in four burglaries is a 'sneak in' - mainly through doors which have been left either unlocked or open.

If you do not have direct sight of a door keep it locked or at least bolted.

Sneak ins happen all times of day or night, generally when the occupants are either in another room or in the garden.

Dave Whitteron, the Neighbourhood Watch spokesman urged residents to be more vigilent.

"Remember that most burglaries occur during daylight hours so always be suspicious of persons hanging around your patch or going up to the doors of houses.

"Politely challenge them if you feel safe to do so. If you suspect they are about to commit crime, start to commit a crime, or in the area just after a crime has been committed, do not hesitate to dial 999.

"Prevent night time burglaries by ensuring that all windows and doors and locked and bolted.

"Ensure that the whole area around your home is lit up with low level dusk to dawn lighting - on light sensors. Villains hate them because they know that if they make the slightest noise they will be seen if someone looks out of the window.

"Don't forget to set the alarm on night time setting for the downstairs only.

"And if you are out or are going on holiday always create the impression that there is someone at home.

This can easily be done by means of timers attached to table lamps and radios.

"If you on holiday ask a neighbour to pop in at night, put a few lights on, clear away the post and shut the curtains. They will, of course, have to return in the morning to open the curtains, but it really is worth the effort."
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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Dec 15, 2007
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