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Don't forget your pants.

You're wet and freezing, but you can't get enough of downhill sledding. Wouldn't it be great at the end of each run not to trudge uphill hauling a heavy sled?

If inventor Brent Farley has his say, one day you may be wearing his sled pants. Farley created slick pants that made the finals at this year's Hammacher Schlemmer "Search for Invention" competition in New York City.

Farley hopes to find a manufacturer to mass-produce his invention, ideally made of inflatable plastic and a hard rubber skin.

Sled pants are worn outside your clothes and coat, covering your back from shoulders to feet. Just strap them on and you become a slip-sliding human sled!

Farley relied on science to perfect his invention. It took two years to develop the "scoop" the smooth, curved part of the pants that flips down behind the sledder's heel. The scoop reduces friction, the force that slows down or stops motion when two surfaces rub against each other. (For more on friction, check out "Snowboard Surfer" on p. 8.)

Without the scoop, your boots would dig into the ground as you sped downhill and stop you cold. So the next time you sled, don't forget your pants!
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Title Annotation:Brent Farely has invented ski pants that can turn the wearer into a slip-sliding human sled
Author:Kiernan, Denise
Publication:Science World
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Date:Nov 17, 1997
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