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Don't demonise foxes; You Say

READING Susan Lee's column 'Don't treat foxes like pets' (ECHO, June 11) I was dismayed to find her using her position to impose personal opinions on readers. This serves only to add to the media frenzy of the past week, intended only to whip up fear in the population.

Whilst our hearts obviously go out to the young children who were injured, this is not a reason to demonise and persecute an entire species of animal.

There is as yet, no solid proof that this was indeed a fox attack. And if it was a fox, this is an extremely rare incident. Foxes are notoriously timid and have no reason or wish to attack humans. There are far more attacks on humans by humans than by any other animal on the planet, yet there are - quite rightly - no calls to demonise and persecute the entire human race due to the actions of the few. Foxes - unlike humans - kill only for food. There are many easy precautions that should be taken to protect pets from foxes and any other predator - such as pet cats and dogs - and therefore, the blame for the loss of pets to foxes or any other species, can be laid only at the feet of those responsible for looking after the pet. I say this as a pet owner of many years myself.

The habitat of the fox - and many other species of British wildlife - is being rapidly depleted by man, leaving them little option but to try and survive in urban areas. After being forced out of their natural home by mankind, they are then persecuted simply for existing.

N.Dingley (Mrs), Prescot
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jun 17, 2010
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