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Don't demil small arms! let DRMS do it!!


Dear Editor,

In my work with Ft Drum's Command Maintenance Evaluation and Training Team (COMET), I'm running into local direct support units who are not following demil procedures for unserviceable small arms parts.

Instead of sending off the parts to an authorized Defense Re-utilization and Marketing Service (DRMS) facility, they are trying to demil the parts locally. Demilling locally is time-consuming, costly and takes away manpower from their mission.

Grouping like items such as unserviceable M16 rifle barrels and turning them in to the local supply support activity (SSA) to be sent to DRMS is much more efficient. This is especially true after a unit's small arms have gone through RESET and many unserviceable parts must be demilled.

Please help get the word out to units to not waste their time demilling small arms parts.

Robert Owens


Ft Drum, NY

Editor's note: We will do that. If you have any questions about demilling, contact TACOM-RI's James Rollins at DSN 793-1797, (309) 782-1797, or email
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Publication:PS, the Preventive Maintenance Monthly
Date:Sep 1, 2010
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