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Don't boo the cheerleaders, they're just doing their job...

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In reference to the story in 7DAYS with the headline: 'It's simply isn't cricket'. I could not help but comment on the hostile welcome of most crickets fans in India to the imported cheerleaders, who were only trying to make the IPL inauguration a moment worth remembering in the pages of sports history in India...

IPL organisers believe that the inauguration will be more colourful and exciting if there are cheerleaders boosting their own team, but this gimmick has proven to be futile for the many conservative cricket fans.

Unlike in other countries where the splendid performances of cheerleaders receive likewise cheers and applause from audience, in India, what the performers received were booes and insults.

Cheerleaders do not deserve this treatment because they were invited by the organisers and and some even come all the way from Uzbekistan and I am sure that nobody among the cheerleaders agrees to perform, even if the price is right, if all you receive is humiliation.


Abu Dhabi

Re: It's just not cricket about the cheerleaders bought in for the IPL - lighten UP!!!

Come on folks - and yes that includes you stuffy faced cricket fans - just enjoy the show and stop giving those poor women such stick. In the end Tabitha and her gang are only doing their jobs.

Give me a T... give me and A... give me a B.... !!!

A cheerleader's cheerleader


..It's the IPL payroll that deserves our jeers

I agree with Errol's letter on the subject that the IPL is a waste of time and money.

Cricket is associated with the ICC, which has gained an affectionate respect from all cricket fans and any other cricket is an imitation. However, the saddest part is that India being such a poor country where 80 per cent of its citizens live below the poverty line, and where food is getting scarce due to high food prices, what is the point of wasting so much money and paying foreign players such exhorbitant sums while the poor starve and don't have clean water to drink? Living on false perceptions and made up images does not make it a reality. The reality is in the slums. India should spend the money on more socially beneficial projects for its citizens.

Z Khan


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Publication:7 Days (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
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Date:Apr 27, 2008
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