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Don't blame me... I didn't start the FECKIN' swearing.


FATHER Ted star Frank Kelly says he is sick of people thinking he invented the foul-mouthed expletive 'feck off'.

O'Kelly, 71, who played drunken priest Fr Jack Hackett in the cult TV show, says the words have followed him since he first spluttered them in the 1990's. And he is tired of trying to convince people outside Ireland that neither he nor the Fr Ted team invented them.

"The word feck isn't anybody's property - certainly not mine.

"We didn't invent it. Fr Jack can be accused of popularising it but not inventing it.

"It's a very old Irish term. It could be (derived) from 'faigh', the Irish word for 'get lost'.

"Nobody is absolutely sure of what feck means, except 'Go to blazes!' I had no hesitation whatsoever about using it. It's not a swear word. It's a nice way of saying 'F*ck Off!' but it's not 'F*ck Off!' he said.

The acting legend says the Irish have almost made it cool to curse - in their own way.

"I think the Irish gave the rest of the English-speaking nations a great present because you can be expelled from a golf or yacht club for saying 'f*ck off' at a dinner table, whereas if you say 'Feck Off!' everybody just laughs and you're off the hook."


No fecker ... Fr Jack actor Frank Kelly swears he didn't invent curse word
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 6, 2010
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