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Don't believe stretch of A1 was gritted; Views of the North.

I WRITE to you with regards to your article about the black ice on the A1 between Felton and Alnwick (The Journal, January 3).

I am appalled at the lack of care taken by the Highways Agency with regards to the condition of our roads in Northumberland and I am afraid I do not believe their statement that the road had been gritted "three times" between 10pm and 8am the following morning.

Had the road been gritted there would have been no frost covering the A1 and, as there would be no frost on the surface, there would be no black ice the following morning.

Unfortunately, the Highways Agency management are faceless bureaucrats sitting in their warm office over 100 miles away from us in Alnwick and I do not believe they are taking the care with gritting the roads that the county council would have done. The gritting of local roads should be locally accountable, then if we have a problem, we can complain to our local councillors and hopefully something would be done.

Will the Highways Agency tighten up their act and ensure that we do not have a repeat of the last three years on Northumberland's roads, which has seen snow left on the road surface without being ploughed away prior to gritting the road surface? Given the machinery and resources I could do a better job myself!

I would like to see my neighbours and residents of Northumberland note the condition of the roads and diary any incidents of dangerous conditions due to obvious neglect, and report these to their local council and newspapers so we can embarrass the Highways Agency into doing what we pay them to do.

BRUCE HEWISON, Alnwick Town Councillor
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Geographic Code:4EUUK
Date:Jan 6, 2012
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