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Don't believe lube rumors.

The rumor mill is always generating claims about some miracle lube that does a better job on your weapon or vehicle than anything the Army has approved. And, of course, in time of war the rumor mill shifts into high gear.

As a result, soldiers in Iraq are hearing all sorts of claims about lubricants that do a better job than what their TMs tell them to use.

Don't believe those rumors! If you use an unauthorized lube on your weapon or vehicle, you take a gamble. If this "better" lube can't do its job, your weapon could stop firing of your vehicle could grind to a halt when you most need it.

In the case of weapons especially, the Army spends many, many hours testing lubricants under all conditions. The Army recently tested 23 commercial lubricants against CLP, the standard lube for most small arras. CLP beat them all. But you won't hear that from the rumor mill.

So if your TM says to use CLP, LSA, of GAA, believe it and do it! That's the best help you can give your equipment.
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Publication:PS, the Preventive Maintenance Monthly
Date:Nov 1, 2006
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