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Don't be fooled ..referendum just for idiots.

Byline: pat flanagan

REMEMBER that scene in Woody Allen's Love and Death where the local village idiot is heading off to a village idiots' convention in Minsk.

Well, we'll all have the chance to attend a similar event this summer courtesy of the Government and the European Union.

They might call it a referendum, but that's just a ruse - the Lisbon Treaty is really a census to count the number of idiots in the country on the night of June 12.

Of course, they couldn't just come out and ask you to put your X in the box marked "idiot", not even, well er.. an idiot would fall for that that.

But isn't asking the public to vote for something they don't have a clue about akin to asking a turkey to vote for Christmas?

However, don't take my word for it, read what your Government really thinks about and you'll be packing your bags and heading for Minsk.

The Cabinet is in a bit of a flap because details of their plans to keep bad EU news away from the idiots - that's you and me - until after the referendum have been disclosed.

Don't take my world for it, the Irish Times printed all the details this week.

What it amounts to is a concerted plan to keep the public in the dark about such things as Turkey joining the EU and tax harmonisation which would result in thousands of jobs leaving the country.

There will be time enough for all that when the Lisbon Treaty has been passed on, er... Friday, June 13.

To get the public to vote "yes" they have drawn up a secret plan or idiot's charter to keep us all onside.

But it's not secret any more thanks to bungling diplomats at the British Embassy in Dublin who sent the email to their bosses in London after being briefed by the Irish Government.

On April 2, Bertie Ahern told the idiots, which in this cast includes the Opposition, that June 12 was to be the day of the referendum.

The email shows just how much regard he has for the electorate - his officials informed the British Government of the date a full MONTH before the Irish people were told. The documents show the Government wants to highlight the benefits of the EU and not focus on the Treaty, which is "largely incomprehensible to the lay reader"...That's you, idiot.

This is shorthand for saying let's con the fools into thinking there's really nothing nasty in the Treaty.

An Irish official told the British diplomat the Government wanted a "sensitive approach" from Brussels before the referendum on anything which might damage a "yes" vote.

To you and me that means don't scare the turkeys as they are led down the path to the slaughtering shed.

The same official believes the voters will listen to politicians rather than make up their own minds by studying the Treaty. It states: "Most people would not have time to study the text and would go with the politicians they trusted."

What the man is saying is the idiots who were promised a world-class health service and smaller class sizes at the last three elections will swallow almost anything.

Worse still, the leaked documents reveal the Irish Government view the French President as a bit of a loony because they really wanted the referendum in October.

But they opted for June because they were afraid Nicolas Sarkozy would mention his plans for a new European army and frighten the hell out of the electorate who don't want their sons and daughters fighting in foreign wars.

It is interesting to note the Greek word for idiot, literally translated, means one who does not participate in politics.

Maybe it is time we did, and stopped believing lies from our politicians.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 18, 2008
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