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Don't be ashamed to sound Welsh!

SIR - As a university graduate and former solicitor who has found it unnecessary to speak English any differently from when growing up in Welsh-speaking Fishguard, I am delighted with YouGov's finding that the Welsh delivery of English ranks third in popularity.

At the same time, I am mystified by why so many of my nationality find it necessary to modulate their delivery of English into something quite different from that which came to them naturally at first.

More than that, I am generally irritated by Wales-born people who take to speaking English as if they were brought up in the Home Counties.

More particularly, my ire is raised by Wales-born presenters on the Welsh broadcasting channels who deliver the regional news as though they were from anywhere but Wales; some of them sounding quite tortured and risking strangulation in the process.

As yet I am unaware of their colleagues in Scotland and Northern Ireland having to resort to the same subterfuge.

Perhaps YouGov's findings will persuade such people that it is OK to speak correct English with their own dialect without having to take on the Home Counties mantle.

Derek Griffiths Llandaf, Cardiff

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Aug 21, 2015
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