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Don't be Russian around.

RECENT events suggest Russia are seemingly cracking on with their attempts to reassemble their former empire.

But Mr Putin and his cohorts are overlooking one significant side-effect of their continuing actions.

It would make winning European trophies a lot easier for everybody else.

With Mother Russia having returned, there would be just a single league rather than one each for Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and so on.

Gone would be many of those trips behind the former Iron Curtain.

And the Europa League would suddenly become a much more streamlined, manageable affair.

Hey, UEFA might even stop Champions League failures from dropping into the competition.

That, then, will all be good news for both Everton and Liverpool as they eye a return to Continental combat.

Well, provided Russia don't go the whole hog and try to reunite the whole of Europe.

PS Just to avoid any confusion and a political 'incident', that last comment was a joke. A joke.
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Geographic Code:4EXRU
Date:Mar 23, 2014
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