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Don't Ditch the ADF yet.

I am a current subscriber to IFR and have a question about GPS in lieu of ADF for NDB approaches. I know they were approved 12-14 years ago for NDB with a GPS overlay, but can they now be used in lieu of ADF when it is just an NDB approach? If not, would FAA require installation of an ADF in a newer plane when NDB approaches will be flown? This seems absurd to me. Can you explain?


We only have two approaches at La Grande. The other is a GPS approach that has an IAF 35 miles north and an extra hour in IMC if you're arriving from the south.

R.H. Ettinger

La Grande, Ore.

Unless it says "or GPS" in the title of the approach, then using your GPS in lieu of the primary navaid (NDB, SDF, whatever) is not kosher.

When you load the NDB-B approach, you'll see a warning that it's advisory only. With the plan to phase out NDBs, we doubt this policy will change. You'll have to wait for a new RNAV (GPS) approach from the south.

That said, in an emergency (or, perhaps, to avert one), would we be willing to fly the NDB approach using an IFR GPS? In a New York minute.

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