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Dominicans to investigate orders' role in Inquisition. (World).

ITALY: The Dominican order has opened a historical investigation into the participation of its members in the Inquisition.

The first part of the study, held Feb. 23-25 by the Dominican Historical Institute at the order's University of St. Thomas in Rome, focused on the role of Dominicans in the medieval Inquisition, when church tribunals to try heretics first were formed.

About 50 international specialists on the period attended the meeting, which organizers said was inspired in part by Pope John Paul II's Jubilee appeal to the church to make a "purification of memory."

Fr. Arturo Bernal, director of the Dominican Historical Institute, said the order planned to publish by early next year the nearly 30 papers given at the meeting as well as a transcript of the discussions.

Among religious orders, Dominicans played the most prominent roles in the inquisitions, which spanned the 13th to the 19th centuries.

"The Holy See availed itself principally of Dominicans because they were the best theologically prepared clergy of the time," said Dominican Fr. Michael Tavuzzi, a professor at the University of St. Thomas who delivered a paper at the conference.
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Author:Donovan, Gill
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Date:Mar 8, 2002
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