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Domestic Security Enhancement Act. (Worth Noting).

* Despite increased opposition to the USA Patriot Act (Baltimore, Maryland, is the latest city to pass a resolution denouncing the act), the U.S. Department of Justice is drafting new legislation to further threaten civil liberties. John Ashcroft's proposed Domestic Security Enhancement Act contains new and sweeping law enforcement powers, many of which are unrelated to terrorism. Dubbed "Patriot II," the new legislation would allow government to spy on constitutionally protected activities, share private information with local and state law enforcement, gain access to credit reports without consent or judicial process, and increase its secrecy while diminishing public accountability. The act would also allow for the sampling and cataloguing of innocent Americans' genetic information without consent or court order and would shelter from prosecution federal agents engaged in illegal surveillance.

Karen Ann Gajewski is a freelance editor and an editorial consultant to the Humanist.
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Author:Gajewski, Karen Ann
Publication:The Humanist
Article Type:Brief Article
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Jul 1, 2003
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