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Dolisos debuts cough/cold items.

LAS VEGAS - Dolisos America Inc., which claims to be the nation's second largest supplier of homeopathic medicines (with sales of about $150 million a year), has introduced three products in the cough and cold segment, according to vice president of sales Richard Hunsaker. They are Larydol for hoarseness and laryngitis, Flu Solution Plus for flu symptoms and Dolisinus for cold symptoms.

Most homeopathic remedies contain a single ingredient, Hunsaker says, but Dolisos puts multiple ingredients in all of its products. "In traditional homeapathy, if people were to go to homeopathic practitioners they would recommend single remedies which consist of single ingredients," explains Hunsaker. "All of our products are what you call combination remedies."

For instance, Flu Solution Plus consists of seven natural ingredients. Aconitum, belladonna and ferrum phosphoricum are three homeopathic remedies for fever and inflammation due to the flu. Gelsemium and eupatorium relieve aches and pains. Anas barbariae, a derivative of duck heart and liver, and echinacea (an American plant) provide relief from fevers.

Although its French parent dates back to 1937, Dolisos is just beginning to get widespread distribution in drug chains in the United States. "We have some. unique products to offer to retailers," Hunsaker states. "We have generated a lot of interest, and we're in negotiations with three major chains right now."

What Hunsaker hopes to accomplish in those and other discussions with retailers is to get Dolisos homeopathic products placed with conventional medications in their respective categories rather than together in the vitamin or alternative remedies area.

"Our whole focus with retailers is not that Dolisinus, for instance, is a 'homeopathic' remedy for sinus problems," he says. "Rather, this is a product for people who have sinus problems. It ought to be where all the products for people with sinus problems are."

One of the company's most successful products is Erpace, a wax-free and petroleum-free lip care formulation that treats cold sores. Although only recently introduced in this country, Erpace has been very successful in Europe - particularly in France, where nearly 1 million tubes were sold last year at $10 per tube. The suggested price in the U.S. is $5.95.

"We're looking to place Erpace as our lead product, not only because it's all natural but also because consumer studies show that it works," notes Hunsaker. "We have a full-blown print schedule that begins in September. We're going to be in Vogue and Glamour in September and November. We're going to be in New Age magazine in September, in Mademoiselle in October and in Woman's Day in November.

"We also have floor displays available with supplies of our Be Well magazines to help educate consumers. The displays are a way to introduce all of our products and then put them on the shelves wherever they belong. Anytime manufacturers introduce a line retailers may use special displays - and after the displays run their course the retailers take the products and incorporate them into their regular planograms."

Dolisos is offering merchants special pricing for its new products that will provide them with an opportunity to realize margins of up to 60%.

"We want to provide quality homeopathic products that are going to offer an alternative to consumers so they can make up their own minds with regard to the kind of products they're going to use," says Hunsaker. "The main advantage of using our products is that there are no side effects. Homeopathic products are either animal, vegetable or mineral; there's nothing artificial."

Other items in the Dolisos line include Cyclafem for relieving pre-menstrual syndrome discomfort, Yeast-Clear for relieving vaginal discomfort, Sedilor for insomnia relief, Energy Alfa for increasing vitality, Amicare for relieving pain and soreness from sports activities, Apiscare for insect bite relief and Pollinil for relieving symptoms of hay fever.

Pollinil, a new product, combines six homeopathic remedies traditionally prescribed to treat such hay fever symptoms as nasal discharge, tearing, local inflammation, nasal and eye irritation, sneezing and coughing.
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Title Annotation:The 1995 National Association of Chain Drug Stores Marketplace Conference; Dolisos America Inc.
Publication:Chain Drug Review
Date:Jul 3, 1995
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