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 Surrender small pledge of allegiance and the earth goes pale
 safe but not sane
the splinter plunders this tadpole accuses and for starters who will I
stick up my toe or thumb to
I accuse yet again this time surrender small pledge of allegiance
it's too much vast vast the fire vast and the vast bombs and this
cursed Archimedes at the window turns turns a vast seism blows up the
haobab's greening turns turns the scorpion dance and the
arachnid's suicide black like my face or this crow watching over me
turns turns the axis turns double the crowd of sharded abysses double
facet you die but your place is an electric chair there will be no
letting up
Into the garbage poem
Into the garbage rhythm Into the garbage silence
the word thunders its first victim is me nevertheless I extract it and
chuck it at you
I accuse yet again and myself to start with of being your social animal
your strapped for cash cow this dry moolah amid the soil the tree where
I lay myself down and the centuries' crank handle turns turns the
weapons' brew turns MINED our globe is mined terrestrial life is
mined our human voices are polluted when the equations turn turn turn
the cube roots of missiles Stop you airlift of ruins bastard Shem blow
your nose you also look pekid and my face is afire like dry cilantro my
face that no longer resembles me my face falls cluster of ants and spit
my face cries out
My body lifts up a poem wrings me I jack it off like a rancid fetus I
detach it place it under your gills your haywire lenses it's no
vaccine I serve you hocus pocus or lighthearted truths
Lord give us our share of the daily absurd and shield us from our
overwhelming freedom I emasculate you in your hushandly pride your
strident culture your floor level babble you make my text ugly you snuff
me out you soften me up you dissect me in mini ceremonies
how-are-you-doing and health-is-what-matters you fling your blandness
your single-storey manners at me your flatlined familiarity you dumb me
down to a blueprint my brothers but barely Sully my torso I've
roots a route of subterranean signs a breath of unknown elemental stuff
Get out my body scar furred hyenas empty my bilgewater blood from your
biles begone for good saltpeter and trash I've slammed my life shut
on alms to your oblivion
I'm going I leave you my carapace my appetite and my everyday talk
I exile myself among you I hold my tongue I pull my anger in my
brotherhood that takes you aback my words worn down by othering you
freeze beneath your gaze poems stalk me foment the charges my putting to
It's freezing someplace inside my brain a glass wall shatters in my
temples a people gnashes its teeth let's say children die a woman
aborts a man sells his body a cry stops me cold blasphemy hurled at the
entrails of heaven the cemetery repopulates with hands It snows on the
graves somewhere there in my brain
strong wind people united you explore my history you exclude yourself
from my rigid perception walks hanged or guillotined wanks squatting
your stride hut shuttle body sweats walks wears out walks hush the
horizon the pillory undo the language form the word return to me
sarcophagus down in the dungeon take my hand suck in your tummy heave
your heresies drool I don't like your blue Tuareg moon Stomp on the
recipe wind body mellowed citadel's crenels horde of convicts hide
your gripes disguise your hunger your fag ends of hope your round the
bend headwind from hand to mouth coarse and mine own morsel mundane you
come from out the stunted dawn from the clanking of centuries and give
your name up Pubescent tallying of ages you affect nothing but my
freedom you seize only my freedom you don't know me but stay
don't pity me
don't plead me not guilty don't lie to the crowd to clear me
You you've got hut a day haze from the levees edges of towns you
should speak ducking out after would be easy they'll stone you so
say what a dagger can conjure between the eye and the wound speak of
this blood boils off in your breath tell them if your reach exceeds your
grasp or else what dream of paradise of butterfly houris or flitting
angels all ambrosial you stand guard your torch is the word exploding in
your arteries don't titter I'm serious a serious swollen with
gas I bloat myself to erupt at the crossroads at the pits at
water's source
Once polluted my life sterilized of the world
I accuse yet again surrender small pledge of allegiance
but this humanity I couldn't care less its copulations its
thin-skinned skin its coitus between two cuts of meat Peoples with no
memory none peoples of slag and hail mine are muscular dark skinned with
a callused hide and turns turns the noria to a null tempo turn the
seasons at random turn the colossal gusts of locusts turn rags typhus
trachoma the buildings hold back when death turns turns in the alleys
mucky like my face dispossessed of this face a mole has muddied by night
my face multiplied in all the faces that shout voice of the gut of sex
and of a sickly dignity unwritten that pussyfoots through a bombing by

Translated by Andrew Zawacki
COPYRIGHT 2013 University of Chicago
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Author:Laabi, Abdellatif
Publication:Chicago Review
Article Type:Poem
Date:Jun 22, 2013
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