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Dokey, Cameron. Golden.

DOKEY, Cameron. Golden. Simon & Schuster, Pulse. 179p. c2006. 1-4169-0580-4. $5.99. JS

For fans who like their fairy tales with a twist, this is an ironic tale based on "Rapunzel." Rapunzel is born to a cruel mother who does not want her baby. The mother had made a pact with a sorceress before the birth to either love the child as it is when it is born, or give it to the sorceress to raise and love; this pact was made in exchange for the mother's privilege during her pregnancy of picking unlimited amounts of the herb rapunzel from the sorceress's garden. When the mother gives Rapunzel away because she can't stand the sight of her, her father is heartbroken, but he honors the pact.

Rapunzel grows and prospers with Melisande the sorceress, but does not understand as she is growing up exactly what has happened. Melisande will not tell her the full story, and so she is puzzled about herself and her family. Melisande and Rapunzel move away, and eventually are visited by a friendly tinker, who has a boy Rapunzel befriends. Just when their lives seem to be calm, the townspeople rise up against the sorceress, fearful of her magic. Melisande divulges the truth to Rapunzel, as the tinker and his boy aid them in traveling a long distance to a tower, in which a girl named Rue is held prisoner. Rue is Melisande's daughter, who has been imprisoned in the tower by a wizard, due to an enchantment gone wrong. Rapunzel is the only one who can break the spell, but at possible risk to herself, and she must make the choice to help or not.

Through plot twists involving a prince, the boy Harry with whom Rapunzel has fallen in love, the identity of the tinker, and much more, Rapunzel perseveres, and the tale comes to a satisfying conclusion. Teens who like the unexpected to occur in their stories will enjoy this version of the fairy tale. Nancy Chrismer, Libn., Juniata HS, Mifflintown, PA
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Author:Chrismer, Nancy
Article Type:Book review
Date:Mar 1, 2006
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