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Doing business with a market leader: what does it buy you?

You're looking for a cotton bleacher who can anticipate your every need. Someone with the technological knowhow to turn out consistent product, time after time. Someone large enough to offer superb economies of scale. Someone sufficiently "tuned in" to understand where the industry is going, and who possesses the resources and experience to get you there first.

Only Veratec's Natural Fibers Group, the world's largest bleacher of cotton fiber, answers to such a description. We operate bleacheries in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, including one - located in Griswoldville, Massachusetts - which is the largest in the Western Hemisphere. And, as part of International Paper Company, we can bring to bear significant technical and financial resources.

Whatever You Have In Mind, We'll Help You Customize it.

While we are predominant among bleachers, we still run jobs as small as you require. Once we know your parameters, we'll get to work. We can show you how your product will behave with different kinds of finishes. We can blend a number of different types of cotton fibers. We can tailor its processibility to your needs. When it comes to customization, no one has a total package like the Natural Fibers Group.

When it Comes to Cotton, Breakthroughs Are Unexpected - Except from Veratec.

To some people, cotton is cotton. Absorbent. Soft. Comfortable. Unchanging. As the market leader, we find such thinking to be shortsighted. In fact, if our engineers thought that way, they never would have developed a product like Easy Street [TM] Super-Opened Cotton, a perfect example of creative thinking brought to market.

We began receiving requests from the nonwovens industry for a cotton fiber which had the performance characteristics of a synthetic. Which meant developing a 100% cotton fiber of uncommon processibility. Our response was Easy Street [TM] Super-Opened Cotton. And it has enjoyed a universally positive reception.

Zeroing In On Total Quality.

To understand the Natural Fibers Groups' commitment to quality, you need only look at the language we use. Customer requirements. Area teams. Task teams. Lead teams. Continuous improvement. At Veratec, quality is everyone's business, from the senior executives to the hourly employees, to a degree unprecedented in the industry. Statistical process control (SPC) has been implemented company wide. Such an approach to quality allows us to quickly identify problems and prevent re-occurrences, always keeping in mind our ultimate goal of meeting our customers requirements 100% of the time.

It Doesn't Cost Any More To Work With The Best.

What generally surprises first-time visitors to Natural Fibers Group is how lean we run. Our pound-per-employee ratio is the best in the business, thanks in part to our technologically advanced operation. With our enormous capacity and the financial and technical backing of International Paper, we can offer highly competitive prices to large and small customers alike. No matter where you're located.

It pays to look into Veratec's Natural Fibers Group. Whether you're already a major manufacturer, or on your way to becoming one.
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Title Annotation:10th Annual Show in Print of the International Nonwovens Industry; Veratec's Natural Fibers Group
Publication:Nonwovens Industry
Date:May 1, 1992
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