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Doing a Delia casts a spell.

TV CHEF Delia Smith today said it was "extraordinary" that her name had been included in the latest edition of the Collins Dictionary.

She has become the first person to be entered in the Collins English Dictionary under her Christian name alone.

The name, synonymous with no-nonsense recipes, has entered the language in phrases such as "doing a Delia".

Being included in the dictionary was particularly satisfying for someone who left school with no qualifications, she said.

"It's quite extraordinary. I've been doing recipes for about 30 years and I suppose it's because I've been around a long time.

"My husband had the best remark - he said it's not bad for somebody who can't spell," she told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme.

Collins defines the noun "Delia" as: "The recipes or style of cooking of British cookery writer Delia Smith."

Jeremy Butter-worth, of Collins Dictionaries, said: "There are lots of examples of the word being used on its own, and I think she is unique in that respect."


DELIA: Now a dictionary entry
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Date:Dec 3, 2001
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