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Dog owner is banned after attack; PETS KILLED DACHSHUND DURING STROLL ON BEACH.


A DOG owner whose larger and more powerful pets killed another dog on a Merseyside beach has been banned from keeping dogs for three years.

Michael Waters was the person responsible for the two lurchers and a Shar Pei which fatally savaged Jeffrey - a miniature wire-haired dachshund on Crosby beach.

The 31-year-old appeared at South Sefton Magistrates on Tuesday charged with being the owner/person in charge of a dog dangerously out of control.

Waters, of Grasmere Street, in Anfield, pleaded guilty and was disqualified from keeping a dog for a period of three years.

It follows the unprovoked attack, at the end of June, when little Jeffrey was pounced on and "torn apart", by the dogs who threw him in the air "like a soft toy", according to his heartbroken owner, Carol Hartnell.

After the attack, Jeffrey was rushed to the emergency vets for surgery after sustaining serious injuries.

Describing the incident, three months ago, 45-year-old Ms Hartnell said: "Me and my partner decided to take Jeffrey and our other dog, Charlie, for a walk on the beach in the evening.

"We were taking pictures of them and just having a lovely walk, when out of nowhere three dogs just ran in from the side and jumped on Jeffrey.

"They were grabbing his neck and his stomach, just tearing him apart. It was awful. We were all screaming and some teenagers nearby helped us to get the dogs off him.

"I got bitten by a dog and eventually their owner came over and got them off him.

"One of the teenagers handed me Jeffrey and he was just limp and in shock; I thought he was dying in my arms. " Carol claims Waters then put one dog in his car and drove away soon after the incident, leaving the two lurchers behind.

Speaking at the time Carol said: "I just can't believe this has happened, I feel numb, he's like my baby, we've been through a lot together.

"He's nine and acts like a little old man, he's not an aggressive dog and I have no idea why he was targeted."

Later, Carol announced Jeffrey's death in an emotional post on social media, saying: "It's with a heavy heart I have to report, he didn't make it. Jeffrey has gone. It was all too much for him.

"I am utterly devastated, heartbroken, lost, empty ... just numb.

"Sleep tight, my gorgeous hairy worm. You saved me."


Jeffrey with owner Carol Hartnell

Jeffrey the dachshund, who was savaged on Crosby beach

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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Oct 5, 2018
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